For most of us the primary reason for sex is either to expand the family tree, or to just have fun. In the meanwhile some of the health benefits of coitus often go under appreciated. There is more to a healthy and active sex life than just the fuzzy feeling you’ll get at the end (or after 9 months).

And what’s more, not all the health benefits of sex are not tied to the typical one on one situation. Some can also be achieved by going solo.

Here are reasons why you should have more sex. Perhaps starting today.

Possible reduction in getting prostate cancer

This study found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times per month had 20% less chance of developing a prostate cancer. They compared those active men to other participants who only ejaculated four to seven times a month.

Although the study had some limitations and more research is needed, it seems that ejaculating more frequently is better for prostate health.

Stress release

Sex is a great tool to add into your arsenal of stress management. Having sex releases endorphins and other hormones which lift the mood. And since sex is a form of exercise it also has all the usual stress fighting benefits that you can get from going for a run or doing a weight training session.

Cardiovascular benefits

This study suggests that “sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise.” According to the study, in healthy, young men and women sex is often performed at moderate intensity equivalent to 5.8 METS (metabolic equivalent, the physical measure of expressing the energy use of physical activities).

For reference, according to Wikipedia, vigorous calisthenics workout is 8 METS and walking 5.5km per hour is 3.8 METS. And depending on the positions utilized during sex one could also be getting a calisthenics workout.

Better sleep (or better odds of falling asleep)

The body relaxes after sex and you might even feel increasingly sleepy. So, if you are struggling to fall asleep after a hectic day at the office, it could be beneficial to light up the candles when you get home.

Closer relationship with your partner

This study suggests that “sexual satisfaction remains elevated for 48 hr after sex, on average”, and “this sexual afterglow functions to promote long-term pair bonding.” What this means in plain English is that you could feel more connected to your partner for up to two days after the initial fuzzy feeling.

The researchers did acknowledge some limitations with the study, mainly that the mood was self-reported by the participants. Still, it does seem that sex positively affect how you feel about your partner. Now, whether going solo helps the personal bonding with yourself is another story.

There you have it, the health benefits of sex. As you can see, having sex frequently has multiple benefits beyond of the obvious. Just in case you needed additional reasons to bring out the roses and light up the candles.