What accreditation does Jono have
  • Diploma in Fitness
  • Kettlebell Instructor Level 2
  • Diploma in Nutrition
  • Boxing Instructor Level 2
  • Myofascial Release Level 1
  • Strength and Condition Level 1

How long does it take to receive my program?

Once you have made payment and created a profile, you’ll have immediate access to the programs through the ATS website.

Can I cancel my program after i’ve started it?

Please contact us if you’re unhappy with your program – however you can cancel after the initial 6-week period.

Can I use the program if I don’t go to a gym?

Currently we have programs for home, gym and outdoors.

What do I do if I’m struggling with my program or I don’t understand an exercise?

If you’re experiencing any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can find a solution – we’re always here to help!

How much experience in the gym is needed in order to complete a program?
0 experience is required – we have explanation videos and different level programs.

Can i track my results?

Yes – you’re able to track your progress through the ATS website, which can be accessed on your mobile.

I’m struggling to make a payment?

Sometimes our payment portal doesn’t like overseas cards. Email us straight away and we’ll make sure we sort the issue asap.

What do I do if I’m not seeing results?

Contact us immediately so we can dive deeper into your situation and identify the problem.

I have special dietary needs, are the recipes suitable for me?

The nutrition plan should only be used as a guide and hasn’t be designed with dietary requirements in mind. Please let us know if you have specific requirements.

Do you have the program available in other languages?

Currently the program is only available in English.

What protein powder should I use?

Make sure it’s as natural as possible, predominantly contains WPI (whey protein isolate) and has low/zero added sugar. Speak to your local health food store about the right brand for you based on these guidelines.